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Please click here. 30 drawing portraits. First example: Living with animals.

I don’t want to say it’s the aliens ...
but it’s the aliens. Do you believe in aliens?

I mean isn't it popkomm?

Greetings! We decorated icons for an exhibition stand in one of the music festival. Exhibition visitors get an better idea what it is to identify icons if you looked at it. Iconographic represented symbols, celebrities, historical figures and extraterrestrials with extraterrestrial intelligence. "Iconography, the science of identification, description, classification, and interpretation of symbols, themes, and subject matter in the visual arts. The term can also refer to the artist’s use of this imagery in a particular work. etc." (source: One of many great ideas: popkomm cut a mini cd to promote music worldwide. "Popkomm was an international trade show for the music and entertainment business during the 1990s and 2000s, and also integrated a congress and festival." (source:
If you wonder about an alien in our planet earth, then look to the sky or look further up until the universe. Our extrasensory perception is not limited. Rediscoveries in science, technology or art could be the beginning of a new era. What concerns in the 21st century? Let's discuss about it if you like.