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Info: More storyboards with the reproduction of contemporary literature are available soon!

My Storyboards with the reproduction of contemporary literature from the United States of America and the United Kingdom coming soon ...

The photo is a film scene from "Der Gutachter" - english "The experts". A movie from the director Christiane Balthasar.

Production design in motion pictures

This is a subject like no other in that it offers students the chance to study those aspects of the course that they are most interested in. This point is important to someone like me, who wants to be able to immerse themselves in specific novels, modern drama, and literature. Now, I am graduate from this subject. The main reason for this was because firstly I have always enjoyed reading literature, secondly I wanted to know more about how reading can help to broaden your mind, and thirdly I would like to improve the way I can creatively express myself through writing. In my opinion the skills you learn in an English degree such as language-based critical analysis, strong writing skills, and quick reading skills etc, are all highly valued by employers everywhere. These skills are marketable in most career areas.

About Motion Pictures and Movie Fans

The definition of MOTION PICTURE is "a series of pictures projected on a screen in rapid succession with objects shown in successive positions slightly changed so as to produce the optical effect of a continuous picture in which the objects move." (source:

I am a former editor of a cinema brochure and voice actress

Here are some examples of the biweekly brochure that shows the front. I have also work experiences as a voice actress. I have not worked as a normal voice actress only, I have worked as a supporter of the audience with disability. The reason is that no one have to feel any kind of disadvantaged by watching movies.