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1. writing 1900

Writing 1900 is an international and cross-disciplinary network of scholars.

2. Elephants

species of our nature.

3. analyzing car accident

Safety is vitally important

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Right is also not left

The best thing about graphic design is the opportunity it gives me to express and explore my own ideas. There are no restrictions on my imagination, it's a topic that allows me the freedom to experiment and grow as a designer, with each experience I have giving me a better understanding of visual communication and the design process.

I am an expert at bringing creative vision to life through my technical know-how. I always have a clear focus on delivering results and the best experience possible to a sites users. I possess a unique approach to ensuring that a project is a success and that all customers and clients are fully satisfied with the end result. My clients are always happy with the end result of my work and I am confident that I can bring the same level of high standards to your company.

Aside from my technical competencies, I am a solid team player who can not only work to tight deadlines, but also has plenty of initiative to deal with unexpected problems. I have problem solving skills. I firmly believe that I can be an asset to your company because of my drive, resilience and strong career motivation.

Thank you very much for accepting, reviewing and hopefully responding to my portfolio.